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While every portal has unique requirements, the need to make money is common to all. A successful portal site must feature content that generates revenue, and have software in place that manages the advertisers and banner. Actinic Portal Builder is the core technology that all portals need.
  • Centralised Portal Management Web-based admin tools making PortalBuilder the easiest tool to use.
  • Banner Advertising Complete control over banner advertising, sizes, locations and rotation throught your portal, with click through statistics.
  • Integrated Store Fronts Create online shops with eth award winning Actinic Catalog software - shops can be up-and-running inside 30 minutes.
  • Landlord Reporting Providing full details of online transcations, allowing rental charges basedon shop performance.
  • Security comes with bank approved 128-bit encryption for ecommerce transactions
  • Business-Based provides a management platform for collecting ecommerce and advertising revenues
  • Complete Package includes everything you need to turn your web portal into a profit machine.

A powerful tool to help create and manage e-business portals and aggregated web sites

When creating a large portal on the Internet or a collective site for e-commerce activities, using a traditional web publishing tool just isn't going to be enough. You need something with a great deal of power to offer search facilities, handle advertising, monitor site activity and collect feedback from customers and suppliers.

PortalBuiler from Actinic allows companies building portals access to such tools in a way that is designed to avoid the pitfall of having to get too deeply involved with the programming language used. Based loosely around the idea of a shopping mall, the program allows easy creation and customisation in linking e-commerce sites together.

Building websites is easy these days. There are so many packages about that can get you up and running on the Web in no time. You can even add your own personal look and feel to the site with only a small amount of effort. This is ideal for businesses that want to use the Web to promote their traditional activities, but if you want something more, these packages will often fall short.

This problem is exaggerated if you are looking to bring together several different sites and information sources while incorporating e-commerce activities and advertising. These portal sites for aggregated content are far more complex beasts that take much longer to set up and publish than your standalone website, and of course, you will need to bring in the people with the required expertise to do the job for you. Well, perhaps it's not quite as tough as that, if Actinic would have you believe in the powers of its PortalBuilder product.

PortalBuilder is very much aimed at the e-commerce type of portal. It integrates tightly with Actinic's Catalog e-commerce product and the template is loosely based around the idea of a shopping mall. There is also significant concentration on the advertising side of the site and other objects that you would expect to find at portals or major websites.

The PortalBuilder premise is based around "stores" which Actinic hopes you will build using its Catalog product. These stores can be held within the Portal or outside it. The product can then provide search capabilities to find the desired product or information from the stores. This is highly customisable and can be sorted and filtered according to the customer's preferences.

With advertising being one of the key revenue streams on the Web, it is vital for portal sites to carry advertising and to manage it efficiently. PortalBuilder helps to create banner advertising and organise advert rotation based on hit-count and click-through parameters set by the administrator. PortalBuilder can also tailor the adverts to the type of person entering the portal through a system it calls "doors". These doors are specific entry points from other links and the product can specify what types of advertising should be shown to visitors entering from a specific door.

Feedback is also important in getting the portal perfect, so there a plenty of mechanisms in PortalBuilder to ensure you know what is happening and what your suppliers and customers think. From emails sent out to those that have bought from the store within the portal, the returned information can be moderated before the product automatically generates a star rating for the store. Added to this there is also extensive statistics available on site behaviour, including store visits, orders taken and advert appearances.

All this is done through the three main units of PortalBuilder: the HTML templates, the CGI programs and a multi-threaded database engine. The interaction between these units has been designed to make it as simple as possible to do without having to get too deep into the nuts and bolts side of things. This structure does, however, allow those with the ability to customise the portal into exactly what is required. Management of the portal is through a password protected web interface, which means that administration can be done from practically anywhere in the world. It is also presented through a series of wizards, making the process as simple as humanly possible.

Paul Grant

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