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Othello Technology Systems - Suppliers, Installers and Hosts of the latest Actinic Software Packages,Worldwide leaders in e-commerce systems, are proud to announce a new cost effective commercial/business website hosting service.

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After extensive painstaking research work by Othello Technology Systems, Actinic Catalog and Business have been chosen as our preferred e-commerce solutions for the small and medium sized business.

Actinic Catalog

Actinic Catalog Catalog incorporates every element of an e-commerce site - shopping cart, web-based catalogue, security and order processing - a complete 'out-of-the-box' e-commerce solution. Priced to attract the SME, any company can produce an online shop from their Windows 95/98/NT/2000 desktop, and start taking secure, encrypted orders over the internet.
  • Ease of use your online shop can be open withing hours, without any special skills of knowledge.
  • Security uses 128-bit encryption for totally secure credit-card processing.
  • Cost effective software from �9 (+VAT) retail and hosting from �/year
  • Complete Solution provides catalogue maintenance, invoice production, outstanding order reporting and credit-card schedules.
  • Search Engine Catalog generates HTML pages which are 100% search-engine friendly.

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Actinic Business

Business to business e-commerce is booming - take your slice of the multi-billion pound B2B e-commerce market. Building on the award winning features of 'Catalog', Actinc Business enables online transactions from B2B, easily and cost-effectively. Actinic Business includes :
  • Customer Accounts with logon and password giving access to unique pricing.
  • Sophisticated Discounting using pricing schedules
  • Dynami Linking to ODBC databases for backoffice processing
  • Intelligent Searching high speed attribute based searches
  • All the standard features of Catalog v4

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Actinic Supermall

Now renamed ActinicHost, supermall provides the unique solution to allow web design agencies and retaillers to participate in online shopping centres.

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    Actinic Portal

    While every portal has unique requirements, the need to make money is common to all. A successful portal site must feature content that generates revenue, and have software in place that manages the advertisers and banner. Actinic Portal Builder is the core technology that all portals need.
    • Centralised Portal Management Web-based admin tools making PortalBuilder the easiest tool to use.
    • Banner Advertising Complete control over banner advertising, sizes, locations and rotation throught your portal, with click through statistics.
    • Integrated Store Fronts Create online shops with eth award winning Actinic Catalog software - shops can be up-and-running inside 30 minutes.
    • Landlord Reporting Providing full details of online transcations, allowing rental charges basedon shop performance.
    • Security comes with bank approved 128-bit encryption for ecommerce transactions
    • Business-Based provides a management platform for collecting ecommerce and advertising revenues
    • Complete Package includes everything you need to turn your web portal into a profit machine.

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    Actinic Products Hosting
    eCommerce Consultancy and Training
    Shopping Cart Software and Installation


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