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Information Week, 17th February 1998
"This is the only way to dip your toes into the waters of e-commerce without having to spend a fortune ... and the product does everything that is expected of it"

Computer Shopper, May 1998
"More good news ... there's a UK company called Actinic who has easily produced the best approach to managing Internet web-based shopping cart systems"

Financial Times, 14 April 1998
"Actinic Catalog dramatically reduces costs"

The Times, 15 April 1998
"An off-the-shelf solution that enables businesses to set up and maintain a secure sales channel across the Net"

Network Computing Magazine, December 1997
"Installation is particularly easy ... It's a mature and refined product with a professional approach"

Personal Computer World, April 1998
"If you want an online shopping site, with the minimum of fuss and expense, this is the package for you"

Internet.Works, May 1998
"Starting Actinic couldn't be easier. It installs in about 5 minutes and leads you through the basics of setting up an online store"
"a tenth of the price of competing products"
"Actinic Catalog can give you and your customers the security of 128-bit encryption today"
"Unlike SSL, Actinic's scheme retains customer orders in their encrypted form when it stores them on the web site"

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